Double It Up

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  Spendy day job lunches in the local deli got you down? Take that extra step and pack a lunch the night before by doubling your dinner. If you’re cooking for one, make enough for two and assemble a take-away pack while you assemble your plate so you’ll be ready to go gourmet in the… more →


How To Eat: Dragonfruit

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One of the wackiest fruits we’ve seen by far, dragonfruit (also called “pitaya”) is common in Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and ┬áThai cuisine and are grown all over Asia, as well as South America. The colorful fruits grow on cacti, and taste like a very mild hybrid of a kiwi and a watermelon. A ripe dragonfruit… more →


Worlds Best Peanut Sauce

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This versatile peanut sauce will win everyone over. You can pour it over noodles or rice, or use it as a dip for raw veggies, skewers, and more. The vinegar in the recipe preserves the sauce making it last well over a week in a tightly sealed container. Serving it over chilled soba or even… more →


Cold Avocado Noodles

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As the humidity sets in, we look more and more for dishes that can be eaten cold, which brings us to this noodle salad that needs only minimal boiling. Soba (japanese buckwheat noodles) cook up quick and taste as great cold as they do hot. The versatile noodles can handle hearty toppings, as well as… more →


The Best Way To Store Basil

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Nothing says warm weather shopping like bringing home a fragrant bouquet of fresh basil, but how to make it last? Unless pesto is on the menu tonight, basil will often blacken or wilt in the fridge in a matter of days. Here’s how to put an end to spoiling these summer herbs:   Materials: Fresh… more →


Delicatessen With Love

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Who ever thought my latest obsession in the food world would actually be an art project? Delicatessen With Love, a project be photographer Gabriele Galimberti documents recipes lovingly prepared by grandmothers all over the world from Alaska to Zimbabwe to Mexico to Turkey to China. I am amazed at how different each kitchen set up… more →