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Dean And Deluca

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  How do we begin to profess our love for New York-born gourmet grocery Dean and Deluca? This luxury store is as much a feast for the lips as it is for the eyes, makeing the shopping experience as gourmet as the meals that will surely come out of it. Where most groceries fall flat,… more →

Make Your Own Desserts!

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We think desserts have a bad rap. Sure, they aren’t exactly on the healthy side. What they often are is store bought and over-processed. Even the most liberal of sweets enthusiasts are sure to come in contact with a little sugar this month, so why not get in the V Day spirit, and try your… more →

The Heart-Shaped Casserole

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Heart Shaped_le-creuset1

Valentines day or not, we at Fooding Kitchen can’t get enough of our heart shaped Le Creuset casserole. The lidded pot performs flawlessly on the stovetop, and transfers to the oven for mac and yeas’, roasts, and more. Though the price tag is steep, Le Creuset has a stellar reputation– this is a pot you’ll… more →

Flannery and the Persimmon Pinenut Ravioli

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Walking into Flannery Klette-Kolton’s immaculate Alphabet City kitchen is a breath of fresh air, especially where young foodies are concerned. In New York, where cramped, crowded, and often shared cooking spaces are rampant, Flannery has it made. Upon arriving, we were instantly overcome with a serious case of kitchen envy before we even noticed star… more →

The Macro Plate

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After our visit to Souen, we couldn’t stop obsessing over their simple staple dish, The Macro Plate. Sure, it was just a heaping platter of steamed veggies and proteins with a yummy side sauce. However, the colorful presentation, and the variety of the dish kept us craving more. The meal allowed us to appreciate food… more →

The Peeler Trio

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Here at Fooding Kitchen, we can’t seem to get enough of our Swissmar Peeler Trio which matches our workspace nearly perfectly. That’s not why we bought it though. Well, not completely anyway… In reality, these technicolor peelers are just as useful as they are fun to look at. One features a regular peeling blade for… more →

Roasting Makes Everything Better!

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When the cold weather strikes, the oven dials start turning, and our olive oil supply is in constant need of replenishing, it can only mean one thing– roasting season is here! Is there a better way to heat your house AND enjoy a home cooked meal? If there is, we haven’t heard it. What we… more →


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It’s far too often that eating out becomes a sneaky way to help yourself to a greasy meal. Deep fried items and sugary sauces taste far better than anything we could have conjured up at home, and the lack of nutritional information makes us feel like we’re in the clear for ordering once-healthy items that… more →

Curried Chicken And Apples

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One of our favorite cold weather recipes! The apples and peanuts feel hearty, and the colorful nature of the dish will lighten up the mood around the dinner table. While any faux-chicken would taste great with this dish, our favorite brand to use in this recipe is an asian mock meat hilariously named “Veggie Chicken… more →

A New Spin On Pasta

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You’ve heard of stirring pasta into the sauce, and you’ve heard of topping pasta with a finished sauce, but have you ever heard of finishing pasta in sauce? Turns out, allowing pasta to boil for the last few minutes in your pot of marinara makes for a denser sauce and a more flavorful noodle! Try… more →