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The Perforated Pizza Pan

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Lets talk pizza pans. Homemade pizza is great and if you’re clueless on how to whip up a home-baked pie, we’ll be covering it soon enough. In the meantime, get yourself ready by investing in a good pan. Most people’s home pizza go-to is a cookie sheet, which is fine in a pinch, but doesn’t… more →

Eat With People

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Lunch at the cafe at Moma with friends

In the dead of winter, it’s easy to feel low. The holidays are over and the sun sets before 5 in the afternoon. The freezing weather keeps us pent up inside, often alone, resulting in cabin fever of epic proportions. If the January blues are getting to you, why not take this opportunity to share meals… more →

Cooking Rice 101

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There are several basic foods that we feel everyone, EVERYONE, needs to know how to cook, and topping that list is rice. Rice is the start of so many amazing dishes. It can be served under a stir fry, or over a salad. In a soup, or on it’s own as a pilaf. It completes… more →

January Kitchen Kitsch

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  Here’s a gourmet grouping of my favorite January kitchen must have’s to celebrate the season, while curing the beginning of the year blues. • For cozy yet cute entertaining and small kitchen chop jobs I love Q-Tee Cut Ups– tiny quality wooden cutting boards by JK Adams. Bring one out when prepping a snack,… more →

Mac And Yeas’

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mac and yeas 5

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese is a tricky thing. The big idea behind most vegan mac is a nutritional yeast based “cheese” sauce that is then mixed with the macaroni. I’ve seen “cheese” sauces made with everything from oats to tahini, but none go without the addition of nutritional yeast which you can find in the bulk… more →

Eating Right Resolutions

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Photo of me on New Years Day last year by Blake Karamazov Okay, so it’s the start of a new year and even though you wrote REALLY REALLY BIG at the top of your resolutions list “EAT HEALTHIER” you’re still waking up with a massive hangover from that champagne and fried appetizer saturated celebration last… more →

The Raw Thanksgiving

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A raw challenge on the heartiest of holidays would be a buzz kill for most bird hungry feast goers, but for me it was just the thing I needed to get in the spirit. Thanksgiving was to be spent the usual way– at my grandma’s Upper West Side apartment amongst a bounty of pickled appetizers,… more →

Homemade Vegetable Stock

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Tis the season for homemade soups! When the cold weather arrives I always like to have a couple soups stashed in my freezer to enjoy for lunch with a slice of crusty bread. The base of any good soup is a good stock and to avoid buying expensive cartons or msg laden cans of it, I… more →

Don’t Bring Down Your Dinner

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You know what ruins good food? An awful presentation. Spending hours in the kitchen simmering and sauteing expensive and exotic ingredients wont hold a note once you serve it up in plastic. For some, a full set of fancy china can seem frivolous but eating off it will boost your mood toward your food making… more →


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That’s right. Bacon-fu. Bacon-fu started as a joke and the idea of bacon flavored tofu is still one I can’t take seriously which is exactly why I gave it such a stupid name. Nevertheless, this is one addictive recipe. Believe me. Anyone will eat this tofu including your boyfriend. Baking it fills the whole house… more →