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Scrap and Save

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vegetable scraps

Cooking with vegetables is awesome (duh) but the inedible pieces produce a lot of waste. Tough skins, woody tops, hard cores, and stray leaves often end up in the garbage can for lack of a better place. Why don’t you save your scraps for vegetable stock? Try keeping a scrap bowl nearby when cooking to… more →

Buy Dried Beans

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Fact: People are terrified of dried beans. The concept scares them. The amount of work that it “seems to take” to ready them for eating wards everyone away, sending them running toward the canned goods isle. Dried beans are often more present in young peoples craft projects than in their meals. It makes me incredibly… more →

Lentil Soup Your Way

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Feeling broke? When post-rent poverty sets in (and it does once a month) I turn to my trusty shelf stable friend The Lentil. Lentils are hearty, nutrient rich, and pretty darn affordable. Aside from being delicious they also come from a large lentil family which will keep you from getting bored… for a little while anyway. Lentils are actually… more →

Hold On To Your Yogurt Containers

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yogurt containers

Re-use yogurt containers and plastic quart containers to store leftovers. The planet will thank you, and you can save your sturdier tupperwear for toting to work, school, and potlucks. Yogurt containers stack well in the fridge, and their uniform look keeps your shelves look sustainably tidy. Keep homemade granola, trail mix, and other bulk items… more →


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Here is an innovative side dish and a good introduction to the fabulous world of cooking with pomegranate! Pomegranate seeds work wonders with fall and winter cuisine and pair wonderfully with root vegetables, greens, and spices such as sage or fennel. Here we are pairing the sweet/tart seeds with the smoky flavor of (vegan) bacon…. more →


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baking days_1

I don’t know about you, but I always like to have something baking come autumn. There’s no better cure for a bad day than coming home to the jar of oatmeal cookies you baked last night. How about waking up to a batch of muffins you took an afternoon off to make? Baking also does… more →


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Fall has arrived and hard winter squash is officially in season. Roasting all kinds of orange squash this autumn is a must, but here is a creative way to eat it “post roast.” If you check the sauce section at your local gourmet grocery, you’re sure to find already tossed together bottles of butternut squash… more →