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The Heart-Shaped Casserole

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Valentines day or not, we at Fooding Kitchen can’t get enough of our heart shaped Le Creuset casserole. The lidded pot performs flawlessly on the stovetop, and transfers to the oven for mac and yeas’, roasts, and more. Though the price tag is steep, Le Creuset has a stellar reputation– this is a pot you’ll… more →


The Peeler Trio

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Here at Fooding Kitchen, we can’t seem to get enough of our Swissmar Peeler Trio which matches our workspace nearly perfectly. That’s not why we bought it though. Well, not completely anyway… In reality, these technicolor peelers are just as useful as they are fun to look at. One features a regular peeling blade for… more →


The Perforated Pizza Pan

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Lets talk pizza pans. Homemade pizza is great and if you’re clueless on how to whip up a home-baked pie, we’ll be covering it soon enough. In the meantime, get yourself ready by investing in a good pan. Most people’s home pizza go-to is a cookie sheet, which is fine in a pinch, but doesn’t… more →