How To Eat: Dragonfruit

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One of the wackiest fruits we’ve seen by far, dragonfruit (also called “pitaya”) is common in Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and ┬áThai cuisine and are grown all over Asia, as well as South America. The colorful fruits grow on cacti, and taste like a very mild hybrid of a kiwi and a watermelon. A ripe dragonfruit… more →


The Best Way To Store Basil

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Nothing says warm weather shopping like bringing home a fragrant bouquet of fresh basil, but how to make it last? Unless pesto is on the menu tonight, basil will often blacken or wilt in the fridge in a matter of days. Here’s how to put an end to spoiling these summer herbs:   Materials: Fresh… more →


A New Spin On Pasta

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You’ve heard of stirring pasta into the sauce, and you’ve heard of topping pasta with a finished sauce, but have you ever heard of finishing pasta in sauce? Turns out, allowing pasta to boil for the last few minutes in your pot of marinara makes for a denser sauce and a more flavorful noodle! Try… more →


Cooking Rice 101

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There are several basic foods that we feel everyone, EVERYONE, needs to know how to cook, and topping that list is rice. Rice is the start of so many amazing dishes. It can be served under a stir fry, or over a salad. In a soup, or on it’s own as a pilaf. It completes… more →


Buy Dried Beans

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Fact: People are terrified of dried beans. The concept scares them. The amount of work that it “seems to take” to ready them for eating wards everyone away, sending them running toward the canned goods isle. Dried beans are often more present in young peoples craft projects than in their meals. It makes me incredibly… more →