Delicatessen With Love

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Who ever thought my latest obsession in the food world would actually be an art project? Delicatessen With Love, a project be photographer Gabriele Galimberti documents recipes lovingly prepared by grandmothers all over the world from Alaska to Zimbabwe to Mexico to Turkey to China. I am amazed at how different each kitchen set up… more →


January Kitchen Kitsch

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  Here’s a gourmet grouping of my favorite January kitchen must have’s to celebrate the season, while curing the beginning of the year blues. • For cozy yet cute entertaining and small kitchen chop jobs I love Q-Tee Cut Ups– tiny quality wooden cutting boards by JK Adams. Bring one out when prepping a snack,… more →


Eating Right Resolutions

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Photo of me on New Years Day last year by Blake Karamazov Okay, so it’s the start of a new year and even though you wrote REALLY REALLY BIG at the top of your resolutions list “EAT HEALTHIER” you’re still waking up with a massive hangover from that champagne and fried appetizer saturated celebration last… more →


The Raw Thanksgiving

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A raw challenge on the heartiest of holidays would be a buzz kill for most bird hungry feast goers, but for me it was just the thing I needed to get in the spirit. Thanksgiving was to be spent the usual way– at my grandma’s Upper West Side apartment amongst a bounty of pickled appetizers,… more →

baking days_1


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I don’t know about you, but I always like to have something baking come autumn. There’s no better cure for a bad day than coming home to the jar of oatmeal cookies you baked last night. How about waking up to a batch of muffins you took an afternoon off to make? Baking also does… more →