A New Spin On Pasta

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You’ve heard of stirring pasta into the sauce, and you’ve heard of topping pasta with a finished sauce, but have you ever heard of finishing pasta in sauce? Turns out, allowing pasta to boil for the last few minutes in your pot of marinara makes for a denser sauce and a more flavorful noodle! Try it next time you wanna add some oomph to your plain old spaghetti dinner.

You will need:
  • A package of your favorite pasta
  • A quantity of pre made tomato sauce
  • A measuring cup

1. Bring a large salted pot of water to a boil. Add pasta, stirring to separate noodles and let boil over hight heat.

2. Let pasta boil about two minutes less than the package instructs. You want your noodles to still be slightly stiff. Lift a few from the pot to check them. Take a bite if you’re not sure. The center should still be hard.

3. Before draining your pasta, dip a measuring cup into the pot and reserve about 1/4 cup (or more depending)of the starchy salty cooking water. Set aside and drain pasta as usual.


4. Turn the stove to medium high, add the sauce to the pot and heat thoroughly. Then, add the undercooked noodles and about a third of the reserved water. Stir to coat noodles and let the sauce and water mix and simmer rapidly. Gradually add more water as the liquid thickens. The idea is that the pasta absorbs a bit of the saucy liquid during its last moments of cooking. The starchy water thickens the sauce while the well rounded saltiness adds to the dish.

5. The finished product should be thick and hearty perfect for a cozy winter night in. A simple technique for amping up a familiar dish. Bon appetite!


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