Eat With People

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In the dead of winter, it’s easy to feel low. The holidays are over and the sun sets before 5 in the afternoon. The freezing weather keeps us pent up inside, often alone, resulting in cabin fever of epic proportions.┬áIf the January blues are getting to you, why not take this opportunity to share meals with friends? Studies show that loneliness can put us at high risk for poor nutrition. Alternately, it’s been proven that eating with people can boost your mood. No surprise there. So, what are you waiting for?

Why don’t you:

  • Meet a friend for afternoon tea at a favorite cafe?
  • Have a buddy over for lunch and serve a homemade soup?
  • Throw a little dinner party at your place?
  • Grab a bite downtown with your besties?
  • Attend a potluck and tote your best dish along?
  • Rent a movie and have people over for fresh baked cookies?
  • Go out to Sunday brunch?
  • Take a special someone out to eat

See? Don’t you feel more optimistic already?

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