Make Your Own Desserts!

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We think desserts have a bad rap. Sure, they aren’t exactly on the healthy side. What they often are is store bought and over-processed. Even the most liberal of sweets enthusiasts are sure to come in contact with a little sugar this month, so why not get in the V Day spirit, and try your hand at making your own desserts? When you create sweets from scratch, you choose what goes into them, be it granulated sugar and corn syrup, or agave and spelt flour. What’s more, you’ll be saving a pretty penny baking and making your own cakes,cookies, and candies to share (or devour all on your own).

This Valentines day, you don’t have to be hooked up to get sweet on your loved ones. Why don’t you:

  • Have friends over for a chocolate fondue party?
  • Make a double batch of cookies and bring them to work?
  • Bake a chocolate cake from scratch and share it with mom?
  • Veganize a favorite dessert recipe from your childhood?
  • Surprise a gluten-free friend with allergy-friendly muffins?
  • Challenge yourself to create a decadent dessert on your own?
  • Try your hand at making candy?
  • Mix up a batch of homemade jam and feature it in some rich cookies like we did in the image above?

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