Cooking Rice 101

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There are several basic foods that we feel everyone, EVERYONE, needs to know how to cook, and topping that list is rice. Rice is the start of so many amazing dishes. It can be served under a stir fry, or over a salad. In a soup, or on it’s own as a pilaf. It completes a stew, and can be a meal in itself when the cupboards are bare. So, why is it that we’re finding fewer and fewer people who know how to cook it?

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are several things you should never do when cooking rice:

    • DON’T forego measuring. The amount of water is important and the rice needs to absorb all of it. You are not cooking pasta!
    • DON’T lift up the lid again and again. Rice cooks with steam and letting too much steam escape will make it dry.
    • DON’T forget to time your rice. Every rice type has a different cooking time. Make sure you know yours.
    • DON’T keep your rice boiling or cooking on medium heat. It will burn.

Before we get into things, here are some rad tips for cooking perfect rice:

  • Do read package directions. Most rice comes with simple instructions for cooking.
  • Do use a pot with a clear lid which will make it easier to check on your rice without letting steam out.
  • Do pick a wide pot if you’re cooking a large amount of rice. Uncooked rice should not sit more than two inches deep in the pot.


For your convenience, here is the official Fooding Kitchen handy dandy rice cooking chart. Doesn’t it just make things so much easier:

rice chart


1. Measure out your desired rice quantity sizing up or down via the chart above. In many cases, we’ve found that every half cup of uncooked rice makes enough for one person.

2. Rinse rice in a colander to remove packing dust, bulk bin dust, or anything that could be coating the grains. If you want, you may also sift through the rice removing any small pebbles or husks that may have arrived along with it.

3. In a medium size covered pot, bring the right amount of water to a boil over high heat using the chart above. If you are cooking less rice, size the water amount down and visa versa. You may add salt if you wish.

4. Once the water has reached a boil, stir in rice, cover the pot, and switch the heat to low. The water will reduce to a slow simmer.

5. Set your timer and walk away! Depending on how heat is dispersed on your stove, the water may boil over once or twice in the beginning. If this happens, simply lift the lid, watch the water level drop, and replace the lid again. Try to refrain from lifting the lid too often.

6. Once your timer rings, check the rice. There should be no water left in the pot, and the rice should not be stuck to the bottom. Remove from heat, fluff with a fork to prevent clumping, and replace the lid until you’re ready to serve.

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