How To Eat: Dragonfruit

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One of the wackiest fruits we’ve seen by far, dragonfruit (also called “pitaya”) is common in Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and  Thai cuisine and are grown all over Asia, as well as South America. The colorful fruits grow on cacti, and taste like a very mild hybrid of a kiwi and a watermelon. A ripe dragonfruit will be bright in color and have the give of a ripe kiwi when gently squeezed. We recommend dicing the fruit and tossing with fresh lime juice to bring out the lightly sweet flavor.

This menacing looking eatable can be intimidating to eat, which is why we’ve created the handy diagram below! Print it out and stick it on your fridge and get ready for dragonfruit smoothies all summer long!



1. Wash your dragonfruit thoroughly. 2. Using a large knife, slice the fruit completely down the middle. 3. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the flesh of the fruit, separating it in one piece from the peel. 4. Dice the flesh into bite size pieces. 5. Fill the empty dragonfruit peels with the diced fruit and sprinkle with lime juice. Enjoy!

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