Roasting Makes Everything Better!

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When the cold weather strikes, the oven dials start turning, and our olive oil supply is in constant need of replenishing, it can only mean one thing– roasting season is here! Is there a better way to heat your house AND enjoy a home cooked meal? If there is, we haven’t heard it.

What we love about roasting is how it seems to make EVERYTHING taste even more delicious! Alternately, if you’ve ended up bringing home something strange like the baby zucchini pictured above, you can’t go wrong roasting it for an instant and adventurous side dish. We here at Fooding love to roast everything from potatoes to tomatoes. From garlic to onions. From squash, to peppers, to eggplant, to parsnips, to asparagus. It seems that browning nearly every dense veggie in the oven makes even the blandest option go from dull to delicious with a little oil, salt, and pepper.

Next time you’re feeling hesitant about a new food, give it a roast and tell us how it turned out!

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