The Best Way To Store Basil

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Nothing says warm weather shopping like bringing home a fragrant bouquet of fresh basil, but how to make it last? Unless pesto is on the menu tonight, basil will often blacken or wilt in the fridge in a matter of days. Here’s how to put an end to spoiling these summer herbs:



    • Fresh basil
    • Scissors
    • Clean glass or jar
    • Fresh water
    • Clear plastic bag
    • Rubber band

Trim the stems of the unwashed basil with a sharp pair of scissors or kitchen shears. Cutting 1/4-1/2 inch off the ends of the stems will allow the plants to drink more easily. Place the trimmed basil into a glass or jar and fill with water to immerse the stems. Try to prevent any leaves from soaking in the water where they will spoil. Now, carefully fit a clear plastic bag over the basil and secure tightly around the bottom of the jar with a rubber band. You  have now built your own little green house. Keep it in a well lit place, room temperature place– Near the kitchen window is a great spot!

A variation is to lose the plastic bag and keep the basil uncovered in a sunny place  where it will stay warm. If your home is well lit, try the uncovered method and enjoy the herb’s fresh fragrance.

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