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Cooking with vegetables is awesome (duh) but the inedible pieces produce a lot of waste. Tough skins, woody tops, hard cores, and stray leaves often end up in the garbage can for lack of a better place. Why don’t you save your scraps for vegetable stock? Try keeping a scrap bowl nearby when cooking to save edible ends and appealing peelings from ending up in the trash. While your food is cooking, rinse the scraps well in a colander , drain, and pack into freezer bags. Once you’ve filled up a couple bags worth, you’ll be ready to brew up a big batch of broth!

Below is an incomplete list of appropriate items for the scrap bag. Happy scrapping!

  • Onions, Scallions, and Chives (cut tops and diced leftovers)
  • Carrots (tops, peels, and ends)
  • Parsnips (tops, peels, and ends)
  • Leafy greens like chard, kale, and spinach (stems or wilted leaves)
  • Tomatoes (tomato tops and overripe or bruised tomatoes)
  • Mushrooms (dry caps and stems, any variety)
  • Garlic (dry cloves and ends)
  • Celery and Celeriac (wilted stocks, tops, and bottoms. root peelings and stems)
  • Apples (peels and cores)
  • Pears (peels and cores)
  • Beets (any color. leaves, stalks, and peelings)
  • Ginger (peels and leftovers)
  • Squash (peels, seeds, and guts)
  • Potatoes (peelings and wilted potatoes)
  • Yams (peelings)
  • Green beans and wax beans (ends and wilted pods)
  • Peas (sugar snap, snow, or green. ends and wilted pods)
  • Broccoli (stems and leaves)
  • Bell Peppers (red, yellow, green, or orange. tops and ribs)
  • Herbs such as Basil, Parsley, and Bay Leaves (fresh or dried)
  • Hot peppers (tops, ribs)

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